corn husk candle holders Thanksgiving crafts many hoops   


Corn Husks

Glass jars

Rubber bands

String, jute, leather, year or raffia

Tea lights or votives

Soak the corn husks in water for about 10 minutes so they become pliable.

On the bottom of the jar wrap several corn husks. Make sure the corn husk edges are level with the bottom of the jar. Secure the bottom with a rubber band. Wrap your choice of cord, the twine, raffia, etc. around the jar. You can wrap it on top of the rubber band or remove the rubber band after wrapping.

On the top of the jar, you’ll want to bend down the corn husks and then place the rubber band over them to keep them in place. Then wrap with your choice of cord. I added beads to the raffia at the top of the jar for an extra decorative accent.

corn husk candle holders feathers thanksgiving decorations many hoops

Here's another version with feathers instead of beads