Corn Kernels United like people

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 three sisters, corn, beans, and squash, wampanoag, native american, american indian 

Three Sisters Corn Beans and Squash

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An activity to go with these "Three sister" coloring pages in a very simple recipe for Pumpkin Butter. Along with this recipe is an explanation of how Pumpkin was used and preserved by both the Pilgrims and Wampanoag to make "Pumpkin Butter". Here's the link: Pumpkin Butter


Three sisters corn beans and squash wampanoag and pilgrim 

Three sisters plus one

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For an activity to go with this coloring page - please see our Games and Activities page "Mazes". There is a maze to help a Pilgrim girl find her way to a basket of corn, beans and squash.



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Three Sisters are Corn, Beans and Squash

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 Squanto, Tisquantum planting corn with Pilgrim thanksgiving 

Squanto showing Pilgrim how to plant corn

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  An activity to go with this coloring page is an edible craft we call "Corn and Dirt". The recipes uses crushed oreos and graham crackers for the "dirt" and various other edible things which are added exactly the way Squanto taught the pilgrims. It's a lot of fun and tastes really good!. Here's the link: Corn and Dirt


 Wampanoag, native american, american indian pounding corn in mortar for thanksgiving

Pounding Corn

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Sharing acorns

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Pilgrim Hunter with Musket

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Wampanoag Hunter with bow and arrows

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