This is an excellent site for education about all Native Tribes. Their "Resources" page is wonderfully full of real stories. The "Shop" page is really great too. Lots of books sorted by subject the list is huge. We would feel confident about any of the books they recommend.


many hoops thanksgiving cornell university page on Native americans

Cornell University Library Native America

Slide show titled "Vanished Worlds, Enduring People". This is a really well done slide show that tells it all in a concise manner with appropriate graphics. The link is:


many hoops thanksgiving scholastic thanksgiving web pages

This is a link to the Scholastic Website on Thanksgiving. It is an extensive section, but is very well done and worth the effort to navigate through all of the pages.


Plimoth Plantation Website is full of information. Here's the link for the Plimoth Plantation home page:

Of special interest is their award winning on-line activity for kids where they take on the role of "history detectives" to investigate what really happened at the famous 1621 celebration we call Thanksgiving.

plimoth plantation you are the historian many hoops thanksgiving

Here's the link for the kids Thanksgiving on-line activity "You are the Historian" -


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