Lea and I couldn't be together this year (2013) at Thanksgiving. But the next best thing is to share some photos. These are from Brian's and my home.

 Thanksgiving many hoops facebook group

As an addition to Thanksgiving 2013, I thought some of you might be interested in a couple of comments from our Facebook Group - "Thanksgiving Many Hoops". They are from the day after Thanksgiving.


Comment from Amber a member of the Thanksgiving Many Hoops Facebook group:

"This was the first year that Thanksgiving has held any real meaning to me. I am living in Canada so American Thanksgiving has gone by the way side for me as I had decided it wasn't worth the effort. Lol. But everything changed when I found this group and read about your and Lea's efforts. Now it has real meaning. Now I have something to really share with my children and to teach them. Thank you!! Your sharing has opened my eyes and my understanding and given me something precious that I value very much. Peace and love to you and to all. Xoxo"


Brian O’Flanagan reply to Amber:

"Thank you Amber for your comments: Likewise for me, being Irish and a recent ‘settler’ Thanksgiving was always an ambiguous event in the American calendar and held little interest for me. That was, until Paula and Lea started their journey together, unraveling the knots of history, dismantling the myths, and uncovering the real stories of the participants at the first Thanksgiving. This year, thanks to Paula’s and Lea’s hard work and vision I found meaning, and for the first time, my place at the table. Yesterday, at our humble gathering we were ten souls, five representing various Native Nations, and five of various European decent. Nick Halsey, our brother offered the thanksgiving prayer in his native Lakota language. Bravo! to the many hoops crew, and their mission: One Nation, One People, One World, One Step at a Time!"

We will continue to work on the Many Hoops project throughout the year. Our 2014 journey will begin next month in December. Please join us in our journey through our Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/219872674828761/